Since 5th August 2022, we have been located in Fen Drayton, Cambridge.  We own a small hobby cattery and have been specialising in breeding persian cats since 1986.   Our speciality is Cameo's and Smokes, and we are working hard to improve their quality and breeding potential. 

We take great care of our cats and kittens and ensure that they are bred and grown in a friendly and healthy environment.  Ed is not only an experienced cat breeder but also a GCCF show judge, while Ming shares his medical/surgical specialty in helping look after cats and kittens. He has used his medical resusciatation skills to rescue kittens who have had a difficult birth, or queens with difficult deliveries! Ming also loves to take pictures and video clips of our babies. You will find his work on our website and YouTube.

We also perform micro-chipping for cats or dogs. Please contact us for details.  Every kitten we sell, leaves us with a microchip, and we always ensure that they are healthy, vaccinated, and checked by a Vet.  They must be at least 13 weeks old and registered with the GCCF. Five weeks free insurance will be provided. We only allow our queens to have one or exceptionally two litters of kittens each year and therefore we are confident that our home-bred kittens are healthy and of very high quality.

We are a PKD negative cattery, and all our cats have been DNA tested at UC Davis, California.

We welcome you to share your joy and experiences with us!