Originally a cross breed between Persians and British Short Hairs, these cats have now establiched their own identity, and it is common to find kitens with two Exotic parents.  British Shorthairs are no longer used in the breeding of Exotics.

Commonly known a short haired Persians, Exotics are beautiful cats with similar personalities to their Persian ancestors.  One advantge of owning an Exotic is that their grooming care can be easier.  That is not to say they do not need regular grooming, but their shorter fur means they are less likely to develop knots.  Their coats vary from the Persian coat by the fact that they have a very dense coat (called a plush coat).  When they moult is it vital to groom out all the dead fur in order to prevent them from becoming "felted", and to keep their coat soft and bouncy.

It is only in very recent years that we have kept an Exotic and bred kittens from her.  She has turned out to be a delight, and we would recommend this variety to any prospective owner.  We are certainly looking forward to breeding more Exotic kittens and it is our aim to produce a Cameo Exotic (or two)!

Honey 09 July 2015
Sweet William_12June2014
Lloyd 22 May 2016
Dolores\' Dream 03May2014
Annie 18 Feb 2023