Three Counties Show
Saturday, 17th August, 2013.  Wilfred had a good day at the Three Counties Show.
Show news

Wilfred Zaza attended the Essex Show yesterday.  He was unfortunately the only Exotic kitten present, but he gained his 1st and BOB and also 1st in two side classes in which three were entered.  There was considerable speculation amongst judges and other breeders about his colour.  We think he might be cream, but he could be red shaded, and so we will have him genetics tested to clear up this question.


A good day at the Supreme

Minnie attended the Supreme Show and won her second challenge certificate and was awarded Best of Breed.

Winifred (now owned by Kirsty) was also there and she won her first Grand Challenge certificate.  Thank you Kirsty for showing her so beautifully.



Another red card day

GEMIMA DUZZIT attended the LH & SLH show at Brocknell yesterday 6th October, 2012, and had a red card day.

This was her first show as a kitten.

Cypress has a red card day

REMILAKAT CYPRESS did really well at the Cameo Pewter and Smoke Soc Show o Sunday 8th Jan. 2012.   He came first in all his classes and was awarded the BOB for his breed class.

He and his brothers HENRY & ROBIN were stars of the show.  Henry & Robin were on exhibition only, but kept everyone entertained and amuzed by their play fighting antics, and their energy seemed to last all day.  They were very quiet on the way home, and once back in their familiar environment soon went off to sleep.  Henry has now gone to live in Clitheroe with Frances van Heumen.

SOOPURRKITS  BLONDIE has now become a Champion, by winning her third CC today.

There was a lot of competition for REMILAKAT MIRACLEKISSES,  but she came second in her breed class, and first in one of her side classes, and second in two other side classes.

If you have never entered the "CAMEO SHOW" we thoroughly recommend it.  It is a small but very friendly show with very high standards.  A win at this show really means something.

Since 10th January, 2012, we have been located in Horley, Surrey.  We own a small hobby cattery and have been specialising in breeding persian cats since 1986.   Our speciality is Cameo's and Smokes, and we are...

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